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Personalized service

Although in a permanent growth, Marinangelo & Aoki has the personalized service concept, with the effective participation of its members in all phases of the work and the focus on legal services tailored for the purpose of maintaining excellence in the quality of services. In this concept, a thorough analysis of each case is essential and each case is treated as unique by all professionals involved, who address our clients’ concerns personally to fully meet the needs of each client in a timely fashion.

For the Firm, each client and each case has its own peculiarities and the solutions are reached with comprehensive understanding of the needs presented and the design of specific legal strategies. This process considers major factors that influence each question even the smallest and simplest details, which are often discarded, but usually contain enough decisive answers to complex issues.

In its strategy of action, Marinangelo & Aoki always seeks a complete client interaction. Our track record has proven its high capability to integrate people and ideas that can contribute significantly to the resolution of cases. Among the basic needs of the Firm, is the strengthening of team work either with the legal or technical staff of the client or any other support team, essential for the better use of synergies and reach of its highest level of efficiency.

Always Surprising You

To deliver something beyond what the client expects is part of the work culture of Marinangelo & Aoki. Exceeding the expectations comes from the proactive stance of the partners and the staff, who work not only on immediate problems, but also foreseeing possible unfoldings.

The proactivity of Marinangelo & Aoki is due to the accurate knowledge of the industry in which the client is inserted, which provides a comprehensive view of all the factors that influence each question, whether business, technical, economic, among others, that go beyond just the legal aspects of demands: an expanded look maps more creative ways, before unimagined, to tackle the problem.


Marinangelo & Aoki has a team of select partners, ready to give immediate client service. From the simplest to the most complex query case, there is always a quick response. Among the main features of its professionals, are the flexibility and the ability to deal with emergencies.


Maintain high level of multidisciplinary knowledge and seek constant updating, multiplying experience, are inherent in the culture of the firm, which invests in the improvement of their professionals to enhance their talent and develop their skills.

We encourage our professionals to not only take post-graduate courses, participate in conferences, seminars and other academic events, but also to take part in associations, strategic committees and other legal bodies and varied economic sectors, providing a closer follow-up on the innovations in different markets.