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Founded in 2004, in the city of São Paulo, Marinangelo & Aoki is the result of the entrepreneurial spirit of Rafael Marinangelo and Tânia Aoki Carneiro. From the outset, the partners printed a feature that they considered essential to the success of the board: the personalization, which requires time, dedication as well as a close, narrow and trustful relationship between professionals and clients. The challenges were great, but the perception of its partners held true.

Shortly, the portfolio of clients was already significant and the first address became small to lodge the entire infrastructure in order to achieve the high standard of quality in client services since its foundation. At first it was just a small room, shortly after a commercial complex, and for a few years, the Firm has occupied almost an entire floor in one of the finest addresses of São Paulo, in the surrounding area of Paulista Avenue, the financial heart of the city.

Since the beginning, it has adopted a “boutique law firm” concept, a characteristic kept throughout these years of existence and that the founders are keen to perpetuate, as a natural vocation. Even with the emphasis on service tailored, our staff has sought steady growth and prominence in the areas of practice without losing its high competence, reliability and dedication which have made it one of the most well-known and respected law firms in the market. Today, the entrepreneurial spirit of the partners is fully at the service of its clients.