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Marinangelo & Aoki represents private and public companies of all sizes, consortia of companies, public-private partnerships, concessionaires, organizations and individuals both nationally and internationally. It has a broad portfolio of important companies of the economy sectors, such as real estate, energy, oil and gas, construction, infrastructure: areas of the economy that are among the ones that receive large volumes of investments and generate more disputes and negotiations requiring guidance, legal advice and assistance with accurate understanding of each step of the process, from the earliest stages of bids and tenders, contract formulation, monitoring of public works and even defending clients in cases of legal disputes.
The Firm has featured clients in the area of copyright and intellectual property, among national, foreign and multinational companies from all sectors of the fashion industry and health products and equipment, to publishers and advertising agencies. Also in its portfolio, listed architects, engineers, designers, Brazilian and foreign artists, and other professionals who need to register and protect their artworks, trademarks, inventions, utility models and other intellectual creations.